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Cassie Douglas  

Cassie Douglas


Max Skeet
Ramp Tapered Adjustable
30” 750 Bore
AAA Tubes

Cassie Douglas was born and raised in Reno, Nevada. From an early age, she spent much of her time at the local gun club usually building forts with the couch cushions while her dad practiced. Around the age of ten, she was slowly worked into the game of skeet. She started by shooting stationary targets then moving to trap and then finally into skeet. Her first two guns were Browning Citoris, the second one of which was a three barrel set. During this time, Cassie made the NSSA Honor’s Squad three years in a row. She shot the Citori until the end of her senior year. This was when Cassie acquired her Kolar. Through the help of local friends and family, enough money was raised for her dad to buy her the gun which she currently shoots; a Kolar MX Skeet with a high rib.

The new gun did wonders to her shooting career. Scores that had been around the high eighties to low nineties sky rocketed. Another thing that helped her shooting career was her choice to join the Lindenwood Shooting Team. Many of her peers that shot in and around California attended the school and she dreamed of the chance to wear the black and gold vest. With her new gun, she began her freshman year with an insecurity that would disappear in time. Her first world shoot in 2010 would prove to her that she belonged in the sport and was a force to be reckoned with. The summer before her sophomore year she shot her first hundred straight, at her home gun club with her closest friends and dad right be her side. Her 2012 career was her best yet, posting her first hundreds in the 20 and 28 gauge event. That year she also shot her career best HOA at the Junior World Championships. That weekend she walked away with multiple awards including Collegiate Women’s World Champion, Collegiate Champion of Champions and 28 Gauge Collegiate World Champion. Her world titles would not end that year. At the 2012 World Championships she won Ladies and AA 20 Gauge World Champion on her dad’s birthday. She repeated in 2013, winning the 20 gauge lady world title two years in a row.

Her state titles are numerous and encompass two states. In 2013, she was named captain of the Nevada State Skeet Shooting Open Team and won the 12 gauge event in Las Vegas. In California, she has won the lady HOA title and received runner up in the two years that she has competed. During her time at Lindenwood, she has won two individual titles as Lady Collegiate Skeet National Champion. She has also been a part of the ten-time winning national championship team.

When not shooting, Cassie works on her studies. She is currently studying history and will graduate on the Honor’s Program, magna cum laude in May of 2014. Her other hobbies include long distance running; she has completed four half marathons and will finish number five and six before July of 2014. She is looking forward to the future which includes many more shoots across the United States while working on the long process of applying to graduate school.

Career Highlights

2011 California Lady 12, 20 and HOA State Champion
2010 Nevada 28 State Champion
2011 ACUI Lady American Skeet National Champion
2010 Nevada Lady State Champion
2011 Alexander Memorial Prelim Champion