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Denton Skogen  

Denton Skogen


Kolar Max T/A High
.740 Light Contour
34" Top Single
32" O/U

Denton first started shooting at a young age when his parents got him into trap at there home gun club in Casper, Wyoming. He joined the ATA in 2007 and became a life member in 2014. He has traveled to many states to support the sport of shooting. He has received plenty of trophies and achievements through these years. Denton currently just ended another successful summer with the ATA and is in his third year competing at the colligate level.

All-American Teams

2012- Sub Junior All-American

2014- Junior All-American

2015- Junior All-American

2017- Jr. Gold First Team All-American

Other Achievements

2009- 2016 Wyoming State Team

2016 Wyoming State Shoot HAA

2017 Utah State Doubles Champion

2016-2017 Colligate ACUI National Champion Division II HOA

2016-2017 Colligate ACUI National Champion Division II Trap Team