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Jordan Hintz  

Jordan Hintz


Max Trap T/A
Low Profile
.750 Bore
30” and 32”

Jordan began shooting trap for his high school shooting team in 2008. He took quickly to the shotgun sports and has enjoyed tremendous success between SCTP, high school team events, ACUI, ATA, and USA Shooting in his home state of Wisconsin as well as on a regional and national stage in both team and individual events.

As a member of the Demons High School team, his resume includes:
- Four Wisconsin High School Shoot team gold medals
- Numerous SCTP State Championships in Trap, Skeet, and Sporting Clays
- Six SCTP National Championships in Trap, International Double Trap and Sporting Clays
- Three HOA Team awards at the SCTP National Championships
- Member of 2012 WTA 5-Man Championship Team
- Member of 2014 Hillsdale College ACUI Division III National Champion Team

His individual achievements include:

- 2017 ACUI Collegiate All-American Team Member
- 2017 ACUI Collegiate Nationals High Trap Combined
- 2016 ACUI Collegiate Nationals 3rd place American Trap
- 2016 Collegiate Champion at SCTP National Championships in Singles
- 2015 ACUI Collegiate NRA All-American Team Member
- 2015 ACUI International Shootout 2nd place Bunker
- 2015 Collegiate Champion at SCTP National Championship[ in Singles and Doubles
- 2014 ACUI Collegiate Nationals 2nd place American Trap
- 2014 ACUI Collegiate Nationals 3rd place American Skeet
- 2014 ACUI Collegiate Nationals High Trap Combined
- 2014 ACUI Collegiate Nationals High American Combined
- 2013 Grand Champion WI State SCTP Sporting Clays Shoot
- 2012 WTA 5-Man Championship Team Member
- 2011 J2 Gold Medalist in Double Trap at USA Shooting Junior Olympics
- 2011 Grand Champion WI State SCTP Trap Shoot
- 2010 WTA Sub. Jr All-State Team Captain
- 2010 WTA Sub. Jr Doubles Champion and Handicap Runner-Up
- 2010 Wisconsin High School Shoot High Gun
- 2009 WTA Sub. Jr State Singles Champion
- Three-time member of the USA Shooting Junior Olympic Double Trap Team

Jordan began shooting International Trap and Double Trap in 2011. That year, he won the gold medal in his age group at the USA Shooting Junior Olympics in Double Trap. He earned a spot on the USAS Junior Olympic team for Double Trap three times from 2011 to 2013.

As a member of the Hillsdale College Chargers Shotgun Team, Jordan has made an impact in each of his ACUI National Championship appearances. From 2013 to 2017, he has won numerous team medals, one High Combined American awards (trap and skeet), two High Combined Trap awards (trap and wobble), second and third place in American Trap, third place in American Skeet, second in the International Shootout Bunker event, 2 NRA All-American Teams, and four consecutive Division 3 Team High Overall awards. After three straight days of shoot-offs, Jordan ended up with the bronze medal in American Skeet (432 competitors) and the silver medal in American Trap (469 competitors). He was awarded the High Overall American Combined (Trap and Skeet, 200x200) and the High Overall Trap Combined (American Trap and International Trap, 198x200).

Jordan plans to graduate from Hillsdale with a double major in Economics and Mathematics. He enjoys helping younger athletes in both American and International disciplines and remains a coach and collegiate competitor on the Burlington High School Demons Shooting Team. He is also the owner of Fox River Shooting Sports, a retailer of shotgun supplies, safety equipment, and Kolar guns through Michigan Shooting Centers.

“Thanks to Kolar Arms for making the finest shotguns available and to Hillsdale College for giving my teammates and I the opportunity to continue our education at an incredible school while still being able to compete in the clay target sports,” Hintz commented after the event. “Training for next year begins now; or after we catch up in our classes,” he added with a smile.

Jordan shoots a Kolar MAX Low Profile .750 adjustable rib combo with both 30” and 32” over-under barrels featuring a custom stock that he utilizes to shoot in the numerous disciplines that he competes in.