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Chase Perry  

Chase Perry


Max TA

Low Profile

34"/32" US

Chase started shooting American trap in 2014 @ 9 years old. He watched his older brother & his teammates for a full season anxiously awaiting for his time to shoot. In that year he watched & soaked up as much information about trap shooting as he could.

Chase has been named to the LRMS high honor roll the last 2 years. He also competed on the football, wrestling & trap team. He is able to keep up w/ his school work, practices, farm work & chores while maintaining his grades.

Chase has accomplished a lot in the 5 years that he has been competing. His goal is to be named to the ATA All American Sub Jr team in upcoming 2018 season. Hopefully w/ his new Kolar Max TA along with his drive, strength, knowledge, will, and hard work he will reach his goal.



LRMS High Honor Roll

Member of Wildcat Trap

SCTP ALL Scholastic Team

AIM Southwestern All-Zone Sub Jr.

AIM Online Handicap Sub Jr 20-20.5 Runner Up

AIM MSE April Sub Jr 1-3, June Sub Jr 6-9 (Nationally)

Montana State ShootOut of State Sub Jr HOA 2nd

Montana State Shoot Handicap 2nd/ Doubles Sub Jr 2nd

Missouri AIM State Shoot Squad Champs, Singles 4th, Doubles 2nd, HC 4th

Missouri SCTP State Shoot Inter Advanced 2nd

Kansas State Shoot

HC Sub Jr 3rd

KCTA State Zone Shoot Sub Jr Champion HC & Doubles

Bella Vista Gun Club B Class Singles Champion

MTA Sub Jr 2nd

Gateway Gun Club St. Louis, MO State Zone Shoot HC Champion

Missouri MYSSA Spring Breakem Team Champion & Individual HOA 2nd

January Trap & Field AIM Highlight Team


LRMS High Honor Roll

Wildcat Trap

SCTP All Scholastic Team

AIM All Star Pre Sub (12 under)

MO State Team Sub Jr

AIM Grand Nationals Runner-Up Sub Jr Squad Class AA

Southern Grand Preliminary Doubles D Class Champ, HC Sub Jr Runner Up

Kansas State Shoot Class D HOA

Missouri High School Shoot Jr High Singles Champion

AIM Online Handicap Sub Jr 19-19.5 4th (Nationally) AIM State Sub Jr 2nd

Kansas State Shoot White Flyer Singles & HC Sub Jr Champ, Doubles D Class Champ

AIM June MSE Sub Jr 6-9 (Nationally)

MYSSA Spring Breakem HOA

MYSSA Fall Classic Jr High 3rd

Bella Vista, AR Doubles D Class Champ

Missouri State Shoot Singles 1st C Class, HC Sub Jr Champ & Doubles Sub Jr 2nd


Wildcat Trap Team

AIM All Star Pre Sub (12 under)

AIM Grand Nationals Doubles Sub Class A Runner Up, HC Pre Sub 10th

SCTP Nationals InterEntry Singles 4th, HC Champ, Doubles Champ

AIM MO State Shoot HC & Doubles Pre-Sub Champ

MO State Shoot W.F.J. Handicap 18-21 yard Champ

Kansas State Shoot HAA Class D

AIM May MSE Pre-Sub Champion (Nationally)

AIM June MSE Pre-Sub 2-3 (Nationally)

AIM July MSE Pre-Sub Champion (Nationally)

AIM Online Handicap Pre-Sub 18-18.5 Champ

MO State AIM Shoot Pre-Sub Singles Runner Up, HC & Doubles Champion

MO State SCTP Inter Advanced Singles Champion & Team Squad Champion


Wildcat Trap Team

AIM Grand Nationals Pre-Sub Class C 3rd

SCTP Nationals HC Rookie Runner Up, Doubles Rookie Champion

MO State Shoot Sub Jr Handicap Champ (as pre sub)

MO State SCTP Singles Rookie 3rd

AIM June MSE Pre Sub Third

Kansas State Shoot Doubles Sub Jr Runner Up


Wildcat Trap Team

Help build Williams Family Trap Field, Home of Wildcat Trap

AIM Online Handicap Pre-Sub 19-19.5 Runner Up

Coaches that helped Chase accomplish his goals

Coach Kennemer

Coach Boyer

Coach Galloway

Coach Perry but most of all Dad

Honorary Coach Williams aka Grandpa’s Wisdom

Community Service

Clays To Raise - MS150 Team Allison Fundraiser

Paw Back Pack Program, Local food pantry that sends food home for the weekend for needy children.

FFA Truck & Pull

FFA Annual Action, helps build items to raise money for scholarships

NWTF annual banquet set-up & clean up

Fish-4-Tales Annual Fishing Tournamentt