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Hayden Wege  

Hayden Wege


Kolar Max Skeet
Ramp Taper Adjustable
30” Carrier AAA tubes
30” .740 Bore

Hayden Wege, A 15-year old high school sophomore started shooting Trap and Skeet in the spring of 2016. He fell in love with the game of Skeet shooting a Beretta semi-automatic, and then started shooting a Beretta 682 Gold with sub-gauge tubes, which led him to shoot his first perfect game ever with 28 ga. tubes less than one month later. He soon started shooting registered targets, went to the 2016 Junior World Skeet Tournament in Savannah Georgia and earned three medals. This past 2017 season he shot 3300 registered targets including the 2017 Junior World Skeet Tournament in St. Joe Indiana where he came home with five medals and won many of his class and concurrent events in registered tournaments throughout the Midwest. He placed second overall and first for his conference in the 2017 Minnesota State High School Clay Target League for Skeet.

Hayden hopes to one day shoot for a college. Asking Hayden one thing he would like to improve on his game, “I know I could use work on my mental game – I think that’s one of the toughest things to focus on as a teenager. Yeah, mental game, and the fact that all of my reloaders are single stage reloaders!”, as Hayden laughs. Hayden owes much of his success to Tony Lowe, his mentor and NSSA Certified Skeet Instructor who also coaches his high school Skeet team and their SCTP team, as well his mother Kristen Wege, who serves as Hayden’s coach and is a Certified Shotgun Instructor, a coach for his high school Skeet Team, and the school’s head SCTP coach.

Today Hayden shoots a Kolar Max Lite Skeet with a carrier barrel and sub-gauge tubes. When asking Hayden why he chose Kolar, he says it’s a USA made manufacturer with a lifetime warranty, and Kolar has always made him feel a special part of their family. The customer service of Kolar is unbeatable, and Hayden attributes that to John Ramagli and his team including Sean Mainland and Elite Shotguns’ Aaron Willoughby who have mentored him along the process of shooting a Kolar. Hayden also enjoys the outdoors including hunting, fishing, and camping with his mother and fishing professional bass tournaments with a friend in the summers.


2018 Minnesota all State Skeet Team

2017 Junior World Skeet Tournament, St. Joe, IN

Champion of Champions 3rd place class

12ga. 5th place class, medal

20ga. 5th place class, medal

.410 bore. 6th place class, medal

Doubles 3rd place class, medal

2016 Junior World Skeet Tournament, Savannah, GA

20ga. 3rd place class, medal

28ga. 4th place class, medal

Doubles 5th place class, medal

Jefferson Senior High School Skeet League 2016 - Present

Varsity Letter in Skeet, 2017

Varsity Letter in Skeet, 2016

1st place for Conference, 1st place male, Fall 2017

1st place for Conference, 1st place male, average 24.4, Spring 2017

2nd place for State overall, average 24.4, Spring 2017

2017 The Grizzly Bear Skeet Shoot, Iowa State Tournament

12ga. Champion for Concurrent, 2nd place class

12ga. Runner Up for Concurrent

20ga. Runner Up for Concurrent

.410 Bore Champion for Concurrent

Doubles Runner up for Concurrent

2017 Northstar, Minneapolis Gun Club, Prior Lake, MN

28ga. Champion for concurrent

Doubles class winner

12ga. class runner-up winner

.410 bore class winner

HAA class winner

2017 Minnesota Masters, Minneapolis Gun Club, Prior Lake, MN

28ga. Champion for tournament

Doubles class winner

20ga. Runner-Up overall (98/100)

12ga. class winner

.410 bore class winner

HOA overall class winner

2017 Vern Aanenson Memorial Skeet Shoot, Minneapolis Gun Club, Prior Lake, MN

28ga. class winner

.410 bore class winner

2017 Hall of Fame Skeet Shoot, Minneapolis Gun Club, Prior Lake, MN

20ga. class winner

.410 bore class winner

2016 MSSA (Minnesota Skeet Shooting Association) State Tournament, Metro Gun Club, Blaine, MN

12ga. Concurrent Champion, class Champion

10ga. Concurrent Champion, class Champion

28ga. Concurrent Champion, class Champion, trophy

.410 bore Concurrent Champion, class Champion

Doubles Concurrent Champion and class Champion, trophy

HOA Concurrent Champion and class Champion