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Hunter Staples  

Hunter Staples


Max Skeet

Hunter Staples was born in West Des Moines, Iowa and moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan 6 years ago. His dad and grandfather introduced him to hunting and shooting sports at age 7 and started shooting competitively at age 11 in the Michigan SCTP program. His father helped start the youth shooting club, North Macomb Eagles, where they compete at state and national levels.

Through the SCTP, Hunter was introduced to several shooting sports from International trap and skeet to sporting clays, but his real interest lies in American skeet. He began shooting registered targets as a sub junior 3 years ago and made 1st team All American the last two years. This year he jumps in as a Junior and is looking forward to competing and further developing his skills against some great shooters.

Hunter enjoys practicing with his team and helping the rookies develop their shooting skills. Other interests include playing the guitar and building and flying RC planes and tri-copters.

Hunter has had the opportunity to shoot several guns over the years, from his first Remington 11-47 .410, to Browning Citori and Kreighoff. Last year, he got a Kolar Max Skeet for his birthday in March and hasn’t looked back! Both Johns (John Fournier, formerly from GreatLakes Sporting Arms and John Ramagli from Kolar) were great to work with. Looking forward to a great 2014!