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Skeete Smitha  

Skeete Smitha


Max Max Skeet
High Rib
30" Barrel

All-American AAA HOA Avg. Skeete has been very blessed and fortunate to be mentored by a wonderful group of people, each and every one of you, his skeet family! Skeete showed his first interest in learning to shoot skeet in August of 2011. Being instructed by Russell Paul for the following 16 months, the basics were instilled! The membership at Pinebelt Sportsman Club, all of which were instrumental in forming his shooting attitude and mindset, offered encouragement and support while asking nothing in return but dedication and friendship! He had his first registered targets in the 2012 season.

Shooting Accomplishments
2014 All-American Sub-Junior 1st Team, Texas Sub-Jr Captain
2015 All-American Sub-Junior Captain, Texas Open 2nd Team
2016 All-American Sub-Junior Captain and Open Honorable Mention Team, Texas Open 1st Team
2017 All-American Junior 1st Team, Texas Open 1st Team

JR World Championships12ga, San Antonio, TX 20ga (395, 2013)
Zone VI Championships San Antonio, TX Doubles, 20ga (2014)
JR World Championships FT Bragg, NC HOA RU, C of Cs, Doubles (2014)
OB Heyward Partridge Creek, SC HOA, Doubles (396, 2014)
Hal Davis Memorial Bandera, TX .410 Bore Event (98, 2014)
Fred Smith/John Henry Bandera, TX 20 Gauge Event (100, 2014)
JR World Championships San Antonio, TX HAA, HOA (490, 2015)
JR World Championships San Antonio, TX HOA (393, 2015)
JR World Championships San Antonio, TX 12 Gauge Event (100, 2015)
Kolar Elite Charles City, VA .410 Bore Event (100, 2015)
Delaware State Champion Wilmington, DE HOA, Doubles, 28ga (393, 2015)
79th Annual North South Damascus, MD HOA (247, 2015)
Fred Smith/John Henry Bandera, TX HAA (388, 2016)
Topperwein San Antonio, TX 20 Gauge Event (100, 2016)
80th Annual North South Damascus, MD Doubles Event (100, 2016)
Fred Smith/John Henry Bandera, TX HOA (389, 2016)
JR World Championships Savanah, GA 12 Gauge Event (100, 2016)

In addition to the 2016 wins: 2016 US OPEN HOA3rd, 2016 MASTERS 20ga RU

Skeete has had undying support from many dear friends and family, John Waters, Debbi Perry, John Ramagli and Russell Paul just to mention a few.
Skeete attends High School at Smithson Valley HS and is involved in AP Classes, ROTC and loves SKEET! Skeete is honored and proud to be part of TEAM KOLAR, but more so loves the friends he has met and shoots for the love of the sport!