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Tyler Fox  

Tyler Fox


Max Lite Sporter
Ramp Tapered Fixed
32” .740 Lt Contour


Age: 15
Concurrent: Sub-Junior
Home: George West, Texas
Occupation: Student (Freshman at George West High School)
Hobbies: Hunting, Fishing
Gun: Kolar Lite
Chokes: Modified/Modified
Ammunition: Fiocchi

Tyler was introduced to competitive clays target shooting in 2012 at age 12 by his grandfather, Ricky Custer. That year Tyler shot 800 registered targets and ended the NSCA year in D class but his fuse to shoot competitively had been lit.

In the summer of 2013 Tyler attended Champs’ Camp and was introduced to FITASC. His first NSCA competitive event a month after Champs’ Camp was the World FITASC in Chicago. Tyler was not intimidated despite being only 13 and being the only English speaking shooter on an international squad. He finished eighth place in C class. This was also his first competition using a Kolar. He was hooked on both FITASC and Kolar.

Tyler’s dream quickly became winning a spot on FITASC Team USA and eventually representing the United States in International competition. With a few months of practice, Tyler was ready to shoot a 2013 schedule featuring Team USA qualifiers. In FITASC everyone under age 21 shoots in the Junior concurrent so as an 8th grader Tyler would compete for a spot on Team USA against shooters who were college sophomores and juniors.

Beginning the year Tyler quickly moved up to B class after placing second in C class at the FITASC Gran Prix, a World Cup event. Tyler also found a second clay target passion in FITSAC-like Super Sporting. At the highly regarded Browning/Briley he won the Sub-Junior Championship in that event.

The Texas State Championship saw Tyler win B class in FITASC, again win the Sub-Junior Championship in Super Sporting, and finish Sub-Junior Runner-up in Sporting. Moving up to A class after the Texas State Championship did not slow Tyler’s momentum. He placed first in A class Super Sporting at the World English Sporting Clays Championship.

At the US Open Tyler won A class in his favorite events, FITASC and Super Sporting. Tyler’s upward march was interrupted in late June when he underwent surgery for a ruptured appendix. After recovery, it was off to the Northeast Regional where he showed he could compete equally well in sporting clays, winning A class and punching into AA just in time for the National Championship.

Despite being a rookie in AA class, Tyler performed well at the 2013 Nationals. He placed 10th in class in FITASC which also produced a 10th place finish in Juniors. In Super Sporting Tyler shot a 92 to take AA fifth place and fourth place in Sub-Juniors. Tyler left Nationals with 9 punches toward Masters.

Shooting only major events against the finest competition from across the US, Tyler was named a finalist for 2014 Team USA FITASC, only one of three Sub-Juniors so honored, and was named to the 12 Gauge All-American Team.

In 2014 Tyler again plans to shoot a schedule featuring the Regional Team USA qualifiers. In the Southcentral Regional, the first regional in 2014, Tyler finished Junior 3rd in FITASC and moved to within three punches of Master Class.

Tyler plans on completing his run-up to Master Class and moving up the standings ladder of both Team USA FITASC and All-American teams using a new Kolar Lite which he says feels livelier in his hands and helps make that decisive move needed for big FITASC targets.