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Derrick Mein  

Derrick Mein


Kolar Max Lite Sporting
32" Max Lite .740 Bore

Derrick Mein grew up on a small farm in southeast Kansas and developed a love of the outdoors at an early age tagging along with dad while quail and deer hunting. He got his start in sporting clays at age 8 joining his dad in a small league at a local club. With the help of his dad he began to develop his skills as a competitive shooter. Derrick has since been competing in the NSCA for 20 plus years accumulating more the 55,000 targets, winning 10 state championships, and named to 8 All-American teams. The shooting sports gained him a scholarship to Lindenwood University. While there he was on dual scholarship for baseball and the shotgun team. After a couple years he transferred to Kansas State University to pursue a degree in Animal Science, graduating in 2008. While at KSU he won the ACUI Collegiate Clay Target Championship, a format that includes international trap, international skeet, American skeet, American trap, and sporting clays. During his years in the shooting sports he has competed in many different disciplines, including sporting clays, skeet, trap, international trap, and helice, winning national titles and earning Team USA honors in three of them.

After graduating from college Derrick moved to Ohio where he designed and managed Cardinal Center Sporting Clays. Having successfully got the facility up and going he took the chance to move closer to home where he currently lives in a suburb of Kansas City with his wife Diana. While not at the gun club giving lessons or shooting, he spends much of his time in the outdoors fishing and hunting. Derrick was an inaugural member Professional Sporting Clays Association, as well as a perennial NSCA All-American.

Derrick Mein
Residence: Edwardsville, Kansas
Age: 29
Years Shooting: 21
Position: Shooting Instructor and PSCA Professional
Shotgun: Kolar Max Lite Sporting 32”


8 Time NSCA All-American
2 time US Helice Team USA
10 time Kansas State Champion
2015 Team USA Sporting
2013 Krieghoff Kup Champion 99X100
2013 Southcentral Regional Runner-Up and 5-stand Champion
2013 World English Sporting Clays finalist
2012 World FITASC Championship 8th
2011 US Open FITASC Champion 99X100
2010 USHA Helice National Champion
2009 World Helice Championship 6th
2008 ACUI Collegiate All-Around National Champion
1999 NSCA Sub-Jr National Champion

NSCA All-State Team Sub-Junior
Kansas State Sub-Junior Champion

NSCA Sub Junior All-American 3rd Team
Kansas State Sub-Junior Champion

NSCA All-State Team Sub-Junior
U.S. Open Sporting Clays Sub Junior Runner Up
National Sporting Clays Sub-Junior Champion
Kansas State Sub-Junior Champion

NSCA Sub Junior All-American 1st Team
Kansas State Junior Champion
Kruger Cup Sporting Clays Junior 3rd

World Sporting Clays Championship Junior 5th
Freedom Cup Sporting Clays Junior Runner Up
Kansas State Junior champion
Kansas State Champion
FITASC Open Sporting Clays Champion
FITASC Open Sporting Clays Junior Champion
FITASC Open FITASC Junior Champion

NSCA Junior All-American 3rd Team
Seminole Cup Junior 3rd
Kansas State Junior Runner Up
Freedom Cup Junior Champion
U.S. Open 5-stand Junior 3rd
FITASC Open Sporting Junior Champion
FITASC Open FITASC Junior Champion

NSCA Junior All-American 3rd Team
Midwest FITASC Championship Junior Runner Up
FITASC Open FITASC Junior Runner Up
World FITASC Championship Preliminary Runner Up
World FITASC Championship Preliminary Junior Champion
Zone 5 Runner Up and Junior Champion
NSCA National Championship Kreighoff Cup Junior Runner Up
NSCA National Championship 5-stand Junior Champion

NSCA Junior All-American 2nd Team
Midwest FITASC Junior Runner Up
Kansas State Champion
Kansas State Junior Champion
NSCA National Championship Junior 3rd
Pro-Am Sporting Clays Champion and Junior champion

NSCA Kansas All-State Team
Kansas State 5-stand Junior Champion
Kansas State FITASC Runner Up
Kansas State FITASC Junior Champion
Kansas State Junior champion
Freedom Cup Sporting Clays Junior Champion
Freedom Cup FITASC Junior Runner Up
National Junior Sporting Clays Championship Compak Runner Up
Zone 5 Sporting Clays Junior Champion
ACUI International Trap 3rd
ACUI Overall Individual 4th
ACUI Overall Team 1st

NSCA Junior All-American 2nd Team
U.S. Open FITASC Junior Runner Up
U.S. Open Sporting Clays Junior 5th
Kansas State Champion
Kansas State Junior Champion
ACUI Collegiate All- American
ACUI International Skeet Runner Up
ACUI Overall Individual 6th
ACUI Overall Team 1st

FITASC Open Champion
White Flyer Cup Runner-Up
Kansas State Champion

Kansas State Champion
7th USA Shooting Olympic Trials
3rd Kreighoff Cup NSCA National Championship
Runner-Up KTA State Singles Championship
ACUI Collegiate Clay Target Champion
ACUI Collegiate All-American

NSCA All Zone Team
Kansas State Champion
USHA Helice Team USA
FITASC Helice World Championship Gold Medal Team Member
FITASC Helice World Championship 6th

NSCA Kansas All-State Team
Kansas State Champion
Master 2nd NSCA National Championship
Master 1st NSCA National Championship FITASC
Master 3rd Kreighoff Cup NSCA National Championship
USHA Helice National Champion
USHA Helice Team USA

USA Shooting National Development Team
Sydney, Australia World Cup Team
U.S. Open FITASC Champion 99x100
Zone 5 Champion
NSCA National 5-stand Runner-UP 98x100

Kansas State Champion
Kansas State FITASC Champion
Kansas State Prelim Champion
National Championship 5-stand Master 3rd 98X100
World FITASC Championship 8th overall
World FITASC Championship 5-stand Master 2nd

Kansas State Champion
Southcentral Regional Runner-Up
Southcentral Regional 5-stand Champion
Northcentral Regional 5-stand Runner-Up
World English Sporting Clays 6th place
Krieghoff Kup Champion
Top ten Team USA sporting

NSCA All-American 2nd Team
South Central Regional Main
South Central Regional FITASC
South Central Regional 5-stand 3rd
US Open Main Event Master 3rd
Southeast Regional FITASC 3rd
PSCA Champion of Champions event qualifier
PSCA CoC 6th place
11th in Year money earnings PSCA
Kansas State Champion
Nebraska State Champion
National FITASC Master 1st
Top ten Team USA sporting and FITASC

NSCA All-American 2nd Team
Team USA Sporting