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Pat Lieske  

Pat Lieske


Max Lite Sporter
Ramp Tapered Fixed
32” .740 Lt Contour

Pat Lieske resides in Oxford, Michigan where along with his wife, Karen and their two sons, Drew (Bn. 1995) and Gage (Bn. 2003). Drew shoots competitively as well, and is a Master class All-American junior himself. In addition to shooting and teaching professionally, Pat owns Michigan Shooting Centers LLC which operates the Island Lake Shooting Range in Brighton, MI and the Bald Mountain Shooting Range & Gun Shop in Lake Orion, MI. Pat has over 25 years of experience in the shooting sports industry.

Pat’s interests in clay target shooting were sparked in the late 1970’s when he shot his first round of skeet in order to obtain his hunter’s safety certificate. It was not soon after that Pat began working at the skeet range and competing, winning local and state skeet tournaments across Michigan. At the age of 16, Pat shot an 800 straight in 12 gauge skeet. After a few years off to attain a business degree from the University of Michigan - Flint, Pat began to shoot competitive sporting clays in 1989. Since that time he has been on the NSCA All-American team 15+ times, NSCA Team USA Open team 8+ times and has over 65,000 lifetime targets. Pat is a inductee into both the Michigan Sporting Clays Association Hall of Fame and the National Sporting Clays Association Hall of Fame.

As a coach, Pat works with shooters of all ages and abilities – from first-timers to seasoned veterans. Pat’s students include national and state champions as well as numerous All Americans and Team USA members. Many others are simply recreational shooters looking for some extra targets, or a few more birds in their game bag. Many of Pat’s students even go so far as stating that Pat is the best teacher of any kind that they have worked with. His calm and composed demeanor immediately puts you at ease and ready to learn.

Pat Lieske can be contacted via email at


  • 15+ Time NSCA All-American Team Member
  • 8 Time NSCA Team USA Member
  • 10 Time Michigan State Champion
  • 2014 NSCA National Sporting Clays Champion
  • 2014 NSCA National FITASC Champion
  • 2012 World Sporting Clays Championships Runner Up
  • 2011 World Sporting Championships Prelim Champion
  • 2011 Seminole Cup FITASC & 5-Stand Champion
  • 2011 Browning Briley FITASC Champion
  • 2010 NSCA National Championship All-Around Champion
  • 2010 NSCA National Championship 5-Stand Champion
  • 2009 North American FITASC Champion