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Ben Dietz  

Ben Dietz


Kolar Max T/A

32" O/U

34" Unsingle

Ben Dietz

New Prague, Minnesota

12th Grade

Kolar .750 bore T/A Max Combo

Ben Dietz lives in New Prague, Minnesota where he practices at either the Minnesota Horse and Hunt Club or Minneapolis Gun Club. He has always had a passion for shooting and he began shooting competitively 4 years ago at local shoots around the state of Minnesota. Eventually that year, he started going to shoots on the weekends and finished the season shooting his first 25 in handicap and in singles.

The next year was another learning year for him where he shot around the state and started to travel to other states. This was a breakout year for him where he found out that he could shoot good- it just takes lots of focus and consistent gun mounts and moves to the target. He shot his best score for singles, handicap and doubles that year at the Grand American. He shot 198 in singles, 96 in doubles, and 97 in handicap. He took a few trophies home including runner up in class A for both High Over All (HOA) and High All Around (HAA).

Two years ago, he tried to earn a spot on the All-American team for the Junior division by traveling around the country, but he didn’t make the team that year. He shot well in many places, earning nearly 300 All American points, but this was just not quite well enough with all the competition that he had to shoot against. That same year he shot his first 100 straight in Nebraska and shot a few more by the end of the year.

Last year, he started out the year shooting the Dixie Mini Grand in Florida which was very rough. After shooting there he was determined to do better at the Southern Mini Grand which is a few months after the Dixie. He started training by doing 200 rounds of Dry Fire a night in his basement. When he got to the Southern Grand it was like a whole different world. He won quite a few trophies down there and shot a 96 on championship handicap day where he moved back to the 26 yard line. After that, he shot many 100 straights that year, a few 99’s in doubles, and made it to the 27 yard line at the Grand American. He shot well at the Grand on preliminary week where he took second in Juniors for the Super 500 Singles shooting a 497. He ended up number 6 on the All-American Team for Juniors last year.

So far in this current year he has only shot at the Southern Grand in Florida, shooting his new Pro-fit Stock which, at the most, had 500 rounds through it. He started out slow, but towards the end of the week he was shooting well again. He shot 199 on championship singles and 96 on championship handicap winning the HAA for Junior Gold.

His goals for the rest of this year are to shoot a 200 straight in singles and a 100 straight in doubles. He also wants to be on the All-American Junior Gold first team.


  • 2016 ATA ALL AMERICAN Junior 1st Team
  • 2015 Minnesota All-State Junior Captain 1st team (HOA: 93.28%)
  • 2014 Minnesota All-State Junior 1st team (HOA: 92.84%)
  • 2013 Minnesota All-State Junior 1st team (HOA: 90.83%)
  • 2012 Minnesota All-State Sub-Junior 1st team (HOA: 91.85%) Grand American Results: 2012 placed in 1 event; 2013 placed in 4 events; 2015 placed in 6 events (prel. and grand weeks) HIGH SCHOOL COMPETITION
  • 2015 Runner up (tied) Minnesota State High School individuals competition
  • 2015 Minnesota High School Class 6A team State Champs - team member
  • 2015 Minnesota High School Skeet Class A-3 - team second place over all - team member
  • 2014 Minnesota High School Class 5A team State Champs - team member
  • 2013 Minnesota High School Sporting Clays team Championship - 3rd place - team member
  • 2012 Minnesota High School State tournament - 2nd place - team member
  • 2012 Minnesota High School Sporting Clays team Invitational - 1st place - team member2015 TOURNAMENT RESULTS
  • 2015 Minnesota State shoot: juniors first in singles and doubles on 7/8/2015; second in singles and doubles on 7/9; first in doubles championship; tied first in singles championship; first in HAA and first in HOA
  • 2015 Southern Mini Grand: Juniors second place singles and handicap on 3/16/2015; score points in singles, tie in handicap on 3/18/2015; third in doubles championship; third in handicap championship; second place tie in HAA and second in HOA
  • 2015 Empire Mini Grand:Juniors first in singles and second in handicap and doubles on 5/27/2015; first in doubles on 5/29; first in singles championship; first in doubles championship; first in HOA
  • 2015 Utah State shoot:juniors NR first in singles and handicap 6/27; first in singles championship; second in doubles championship; first in handicap championship; first in HOA; first in HAA
  • 2015 Wisconsin State shoot:juniors NR second in handicap and singles on 7/15; second in handicap on 7/16; first in handicap on 7/17; second in doubles Championship; third in singles Championship; third in HOA; and third in HAA
  • 2014 Heartland Grand:Juniors first place Singles, doubles and handicap on 8/27/2014; second place singles, tie in handicap and first place in doubles on 8/28/2014; second place doubles and handicap on 8/29/ 2014; first place Championship doubles; and second place HOA